Foyer Make-Over

It was a week’s worth of scraping off old 1980’s wallpaper – but well worth it! Our new entryway perfectly showcases our personalities when you walk through the door!
Decals by Urban Walls – Use Code “MCCARNEYPARTY” to save

Introducing our new and improved foyer! It suits our personalities and gives energy to anyone walking through the door! In LOVE with how this project turned out!

Our old foyer was just that: “old”. When we bought our 1980’s bungalow two years ago one of the elements we loved the most was the entrance way! There was so much natural light coming through and the stain-glass details on the doorway and windows made the walls shine alive with bouncing little rainbows in the mornings. Alas, all this beauty was dulled by the outdated and dingy wallpaper from floor-to-ceiling. A daunting task I had been putting off since day one, I finally felt pulled toward in the last few weeks. It was finally time! I knew I wanted to install gorgeous abstract wall decals from our favourite decal shop ( but first there would be lots of wallpaper scraping, painting, and prep: here we go:

Here’s our process leading to our finished product!

Wallpaper Scrape Off: I am no stranger to scraping off wallpaper (our last house was full of it) – my secret is fabric softener and warm water, sponges, scrapers, and 90s hip hop.

Gross, Right? It took us over a week but we finished! Next step was painting!

Step Two: Painting I use white paint on every room in our house: the colour I use most frequently is called “Powdered Donuts” I use eggshell BeautyTone Paint from HomeHarware (

“Powdered Donuts” find it at Home Hardware –

After Painting 3 coats it was time for the decals!

We were beyond impressed with the final product, and now I just want to take take pictures with my favourite wall every day 😉 That’s a wrap on this little project, whats up next?

Xo Noelle

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