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Read on below for details on how to NAIL your pitch to collaborate with your FAVOURITE Brands, and Stand out!

1: Introduce Yourself! “Hi, I’m Noelle from on Instagram and we are huge fans of *Your Brand* (always hyperlink your IG handle especially if sending your pitch via email). We are currently working on an exciting project called *How to Revamp Your Bathroom on a Budget* and we think your *product* would fit perfectly into this content! I know our *20.5K home niche followers* would LOVE to learn about your growing brand through our stylized feature!”

2. Your Stats: In your presentation, be sure to include your current IG stats (follower count, engagement rate, Experience level. I always provide these details in a graphic (*see below) For example: 20.5K Home Niche Followers, 4 + Years Influencing IG, Engagement Rate 2.6

Stats for Creative Services

3. What you have to OFFER: This is THE MOST IMPORTANT step in pitching to a brand. You need to layout (using Canva Presentation or equivalent) what your partnership will include (your deliverables) and you need to make it sound so delicious that they can’t turn it down (and you better deliver Babe!) Depending on the type of product you are pitching for, your set of deliverables will vary. For example, if you are pitching for a large scale product (like our Toja Grid Pergola from Spring time, your deliverables will need to reflect the price of the product (Bring your A-Game) I’m talking:

  • Blog Post
  • In Feed IG Post with carousel photography 10 images
  • 1 X IG Reel (Stylized set to trending music)
  • 7-10 IG Stories with Swipe Up Links to their webiste
  • Offer discount code to your followers to help drive sales

Now if the product you’re pitching for is something smaller (for example a decorative pillow) your deliverables will change to a much shorter list if the partnership is “in trade” (product-for-feature), OR you have the option of keeping a larger list of deliverables and charging your rates as a “paid partnership” (See our blog post regarding rates and paid partnerships)

4. Deliver! Now that you’ve nailed your pitch and the brand has agreed to partner with your creative services, its time to DELIVER! Keep things as professional and timely as possible. Send over your photography via Google Drive Link (or equivalent) with links to your IG feed and Blog Post. – – AND always have fun with engaging on your IG Post afterwards, answering your followers questions about the product, be knowledgeable, the more energy you put into your partnership the more positive experience the brand will have working with you!

**Extra Tips:

  • Be sure you are FOLLOWING the brand on IG before you submit your pitch! Engage on their posts, become a true fan of their products if you aren’t already!
  • Always hyperlink your IG handle in the introduction portion of your pitch, especially if sending via email. This way the Brand’s marketing team can quickly access your IG Page and your amazing photography skills and content.
  • Hype up the brand on your corresponding facebook page and other Social channels, this way the Brand can share your blog article and help drive new followers and audience your way!
  • Sweeten the experience for your partnering Brand by sharing any applicable Sales they have in your IG Stories after your initial project with them, Congratulations, you’ve just established a meaningful connection with your Brand!
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