DIY Sandbox with Home Hardware

We had way too much fun creating this gorgeous and practical DIY Sandbox for the girls this Spring! I know this will last for years to come and the love that went into it makes it an extra special addition to the backyard space!

Check out our How-To Guide below, including our product list from Home Hardware, and a few tips along the way!

Here’s How:

You will need:

Lumber: 2 X 10″ 8ft length Sienna Pressure Treated (quantity 1)

2 X 10″ 12ft length Sienna Pressure Treated (quantity 1)

5/4ths X 8ft length PT Decking (quantity 6)

2 X 4 X 12″ length Sienna Pressure Treated (quantity 1)

Decking Screws: 2.5″ Decking Screws 100 pack (Available Here)

Landscaping Fabric: Quest Brand 3X25’5 Weed Barrier (quantity 1) (Available Here)

White Play Sand: Shaw Resources White Play Sand (quantity 6-8) (Available Here)

Hinges: 2 Pack Onward Brand T Hinges – 4 inch (quantity 4 – total of 8 hinges) (Available Here)

Pull Handles: Builder’s Hardware 5-1/2″ Pull Handles (quantity 2) (Available Here)

Sand Toys: Sunny Days Sand Toys Set (quantity 1) (Available Here)

Step 1: Cut all lengths in half (except for your 2X4 – save that piece for the arm rests and back braces).
You will be cutting the 2X10 8 ft lengths into 4 ft lengths, and the 2X10 12 ft lengths into 6 ft lengths (These will be used for the rectangle box of your sandbox).
Then cut your 6 lid pieces (your PT decking) into 4 ft lengths. You will end up with 12 pieces of decking for the lid/benches.
Step 2: Secure your box corners using your deck screws. Start out by laying the box together in a rectangle, and drill in on an angle using 3 screws on each corner.
Step 3: Using your deck screws, attach the two end “lid-pieces” (your PT decking) onto the box frame of the sandbox. These pieces will remain flat and serve as extra support under your two folding benches.
Step 4: It’s time to start your benches! Using your first set of hinges, place them between the 2nd and 3rd boards (connecting the two) on the upper side of the box. Then secure the arm rests (2×4 by 1 ft length), using deck screws, on the under side of the box on the next set of boards (3rd and 4th boards) connecting those two boards. Then add your second set of hinges on the under side between the 4th and 5th boards. This will give you the folding effect, and the first half of your “accordion” folding lid.
Step 5: Using your 2 pieces of 21″ 2×4 as a back brace, secure the upper half of the benches on each end. These will lay flat with the lid of the sandbox when it is in the folded closed position, and act as support for the upper part of the benches when it is folded open. These pieces will also secure your last two lid pieces together on this side of the sandbox.

Repeat this entire process on the other side of the sandbox so that you end up with two identical bench ends! The second side will go much faster; we promise!

Step 6: Add your pull handles on the backs of your back braces.
Step 7: It’s time to lay out your landscaping fabric in the bottom of the sandbox and pour your sand on top! We found the most amazing white beach-style sand at Home Hardware (linked here).
For more information on our DIY Sandbox build, including video tutorials, check out our IG at !

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