Create an Amazing Outdoor Dining Space with Toja Grid DIY Tables!

Toja Grid is famous for their DIY Pergola System that has revolutionized the backyard space, and has everyone raving about their #BackyardOasis on social media! BUT – – Did you know that Toja Grid also makes DIY Furniture kits as well?! I know right? Obsessed!
The DIY Table and Benches Kit from Toja Grid comes with all the Brackets and Hardware you need to get the job done! Just simply pick out your lumber of choice from your local hardware store and charge your drill, you’ll have this put together before you can say “Pizza Party!”
The lumber we chose was “Sienna Pressure Treat” to match our Pergola build from last year. The steel brackets that come in the Dining Table Kit are matte black and match this colour of wood perfectly – but you can choose any lumber you’d like!

You will need:
2 X 6 X 6 (Quantity 6) for the Table
2 X 6 X 5.25 (Quantity 6) for the Benches

But the best part of these DIY Kits, is that you can create any length you’d like so if you want to make it smaller, you can! We went with a 6 ft table so that we can seat 6 people comfortably. The brackets simply attach to the ends of your wood planks – making this one of the easiest
DIYs you’ll ever make!

The steel brackets that come in your DIY Furniture Kit are made from the highest quality, and incredibly sturdy. The design is modern and you can have peace of mind in knowing your Table and Benches are going to last for years to come! Check out our Toja Grid Highlight reel at to watch just how fast we put this set together!
Visit to discover all the amazing DIY Furniture and Pergola Kits and start creating your #BackyardOasis today! Xo Noelle

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