How to get VIP Access to the Coco Village Black Friday Sale!

Check out the amazing Imagination Play and Pretend Play toys at and don’t forget to use our exclusive links (below) to save you extra this Black Friday!

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet?! We are in full swing around here, and if you’ve been watching our Stories on IG, you know we like to get a head start on the Christmas Shopping! Which means we get to share all our favourite gifts with you – PLUS promo codes and exclusive links! Like our links to VIP access for the BIG Coco Village Black Friday Sale! Are you ready?! ‘Cuz here they are!

Canadian Access Link: Coco Black Friday Link – Canadian

US Access Link: Coco Black Friday Link – US

Once you click on your link above, simply fill in your email so you can have VIP Christmas access (like their FREE Toy Train offer!!) and 30% off deals, and so much more! I can’t wait to hear what you have on your list from everyone’s favourite toy store – Coco Village!

Now, let’s talk about Pretend Play toys like this gorgeous Hairdresser Station from Coco Village! The possibilities are endless for fun! Create a Hair Salon, Barber Shop, Pet Grooming Salon, School Desk, Fashion Store Checkout – your kids will have so much fun (and you will too!) Check out our close-up shots of this beautifully handcrafted classic and timeless design!

Which Pretend Play toys will you choose?!

And don’t forget to use our VIP links above to get all the early deals this Black Friday season, at Coco Village!

xoxo, Noelle

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