Beach Essentials

Noelle here from and we’re counting down our favourite Beach Essentials for the perfect seaside day…Jump in!
The beach is all about relaxing, and with these dreamy rattan loungers by neutral shade – we’ll be relaxing in style! Check out the Limon Rattan Loungers and the Luxe Limon Loungers to see why this #beachessential made Number ONE on our must haves list! With adjustable lounge positions and the convenience of folding flat for transportation, these loungers are as practical as they are stylish, and did I mention they are ridiculously comfortable!?
Surf’s Up! Charlotte was hanging a serious TEN with the inflatable Surfboard by Sunnylife. This ultra cool float on made our list for obvious reasons: ADORABLE, and the price point was spot on for a seasonal toy. Available here at Indigo.
For years these have been our Go-to artisan towels and have most definitely made our list of Beach Essentials! Pokoloko offers a variety of heirloom quality artisan goods; they’re Fairtrade, ethically made, sustainable and have an INCREDIBLE brand story, check out our favourite Turkish Towels here!
♪ ♫ I’m picking up good vibrations ♪ ♫ ..with the Sunnylife Beach Sounds Portable Speaker from Indigo. Every beach trip deserves a soundtrack, and this little cutie is unlike any other portable speaker we’ve ever seen! I fell instantly in love (and so did the girls)! It works like this: You simply sync up your bluetooth and place your phone inside the waterproof/sand-proof body and click it shut, the dials on the front control volume and you’re ready to rock your favourite Beach playlist from Spotify etc. Check out our Beach Playlist here!
Coming at you with another amazing price point with the gorgeous striped Beach Umbrellas by OUI from Indigo. These fold down and store away in a matching bag with shoulder strap for easy transportation and give away major Coastal Retro vibes with the soft hues and stripes. The cost is identical to the floating surfboard making these an affordable #beachessential on our list!
Can you believe Annie actually kept these on the entire day?! Its almost as if she knew how Ridiculously Adorable she looked in them… also, it was very bright! Ha! The Hello Sunshine Mini Sunglasses from Indigo are essential for so many reasons, but I’ll just let this picture do the talking #cutest.
Last, but not least, let’s talk about the cutest swimwear from H&M Kids! These suits are from their conscious apparel line and are made with fully lined textured fabric that dries quickly and did I mention: Adorable! Charlotte is wearing the Light Dusky Green Flounced Swimsuit, while Annie rocks the Dark Beige/Dotted Swimsuit!

Thanks for catching our Summer list of Beach Essentials! Wishing you all a summer full of sandcastles and seashells! Xoxo, Noelle

We’ll see you on the gram! Xoxo, Noelle

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