How To Create a Backyard Oasis with Hauser

Hey Guys! Noelle here from,, and we want to share our backyard secrets with you! Starting with our favourite addition: The Avera Fire Pit, by Hauser!

The addition of our Avera Fire Pit has us feeling like we’re on vacation – in our own backyard! When we began designing our new outdoor space we knew the main feature would be this incredible fire pit from renowned Canadian furniture store; Hauser. We took several steps in the planning process to ensure the outdoor living room was beautiful, spacious, and above all; functional.

With travel being at an all-time minimum these days, we wanted to create an outdoor space that would give us the feeling of being on vacation, and provide an opportunity for us to connect as a family in those Summer nights spent outside.

The Avera 48″ Fire Pit by Hauser, available here.

One of the first steps in our planning process was to create a concrete base for our outdoor living room, we had a professional Masonry crew come to install the concrete pad and we had them use a white finish to give the feeling of a finished room. Then it was time for us to build our pergola, we used an easy-to-install pergola kit and it went up in two hours!

We knew we wanted to have different ‘zones’ in the outdoor living space, so we arranged one side to be a sitting area, the other to be a dining area, and the complete front half of the concrete base was to be our Fire Pit zone. This allows us to have lots of room to gather around the Fire Pit, space to pull up a chair or stools, and also it allows the main feature (our Avera Fire Pit) to be the focal point of the outdoor space.

One of the features we were drawn to about the Avera Fire Pit was that it has the option to be hooked up with natural gas to the house. This makes turning on our Fire Pit a breeze with the turn of the gas handle and a match start. Another feature that will interest our readers with young kids: the glass shield (known as the Wind Guard). It is a gorgeous as it is practical. Our girls are protected from touching the flames and the contemporary vibe of the glass shield gives me major resort vibes!

Did you know that Hauser offers several different styles of Fire Pits and Fire Tables? Check out the other amazing designs here, and see why 2021 is the year of the Fire Pit! With natural gas or propane options, and a variety of sizes, there is a Fire Pit for every space in mind.

To view this, and other Fire Pit options by Hauser, click here.

Now, we’re just counting down the days to warmer summer evenings, enjoying outdoor movie nights on the projector, snuggled up by a cozy fire, date nights out back with Ross, dancing in the moonlight by the fire, and of course; all the S’mores we can handle.

Tune in to our IG Stories, here, for updates on how we stylize this outdoor space this Spring/Summer season!

Xoxo, Noelle

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