Add New Life to Your Lawn This Spring With Our Top 3 Picks from Home Hardware

Noelle and Ross here; we’re sharing our favourite lawn care products to give your yard a Spring boost that will last all Summer long!

Spring lawns can be so unpredictable; once the snow has melted and the weather flips back and forth from cold to warm, our lawns might be silently whispering “help me”. Help your lawn – she needs you. So where do we begin? We have a few tips and tricks to share with you, along with our top 6 picks from Home Hardware to get you started on your lawn care journey. “Lawn care is self-care” – Noelle

Tip: Hold off on over-mowing in the Spring season, this can lead to the spreading of weeds (such as clover) which thrive in the Spring season in low cut conditions.

Now, let’s countdown our top 6 picks to get you started!

1. Scotts Turf Builder Enriched Lawn Soil has been a fan-favourite in this house for years. This enriched lawn soil is a superior alternative to generic top-soil when seeding your Spring lawn. This is going to save you in the long run as a little goes a long way!
2. For sunny spaces with no shade, we’ve always had great results with CIL Xtreme Sun Grass Seed. Read below for our step-by-step process, or catch our tutorial in IG Lawn Care highlights!
3. If you’re going to be seeding your lawn this Spring/Summer, you’ll definitely want a great seeding rake. The Home Gardener Seeding Rake is double-sided (one side for raking seed into the top-soil, the other side for smoothing out your soil. This is such a handy garden tool to have for this process!
4. For those areas in your yard that have a mix of sun and shade, our go-to is Scott’s Turf Builder All Purpose Grass Seed.
5. If you’re going to be seeding your lawn this Spring/Summer, you’ll be interested in an oscillating sprinkler, like this Gilmore Oscillating Metal Lawn Sprinkler. The aluminum base provides durability and the adjustable spray length will make it easy for you to target seeded lawn areas.
6. Moving forward throughout the season you’ll want to improve the health of your new lawn with a good fertilizer. CIL Iron+ Lawn Fertilizer has always been a fan-favourite in this house, it helps to deepen the green hue of your lawn, and a bonus: iron-rich lawns will tend to produce fewer weeds such as clover.
Learn more about CIL Iron+ Lawn Food here.

Our top 6 picks from Home Hardware can be used in so many ways for a variety of lawn care options! For us, this Spring we are focusing on fixing “bald spots” in the lawn due to backyard projects we had taking place earlier this year. Once we achieve a base layer of even turf, we can continue to use the grass seed and lawn food as needed to thicken the lawn in mid-Summer, and then again in the Fall.

A healthy lawn can take a few seasons to achieve, and once you’ve hit that level of golf-green status, you’ll want to continue to maintain your healthy lawn. There are so many benefits to working on your lawn, not only will you have a lush, soft space for the kids and pets to play on, but the actual process of working on your lawn can be very therapeutic and enjoyable!

Tip: Use a spreader to spread your grass seed on even turf areas. We’ll be using our spreader in the front yard, where there are no bald spots, to help thicken the overall lawn. Spreaders can be used for both fertilizer and grass seed.

If you’re focusing on “bald spots”, like in our backyard, you can use this process:

Watering is crucial for successful lawn seeding, water twice daily for the first 3 days, then once daily afterward, to maintain a moist soil so your seeds can germinate! We’ll check in with our lawn in two weeks to keep you updated on the progress! -Noelle

Tip: If you ever have any questions about your lawn care projects, the team at Home Hardware are experts and ready to help. For example, one year I tried to purchase a lawn food fertilizer and a weed killer product at the same time. The helpful staff pointed out to me that these two products shouldn’t be used at the same time. One helps to germinate the grass, and the other eliminates germination. They helped me navigate the correct lawn care items I needed for our front yard! If you need help, just ask; they’ve got the answers!

Stay tuned in the next few weeks while we keep an eye on the lawn and share our progress with you in IG Stories here.

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