Make The Backyard Your Destination This Summer

Discover why this is the perfect year to invest in your own backyard; featuring the Toja Grid Pergola system; available at

This Summer, we are focusing on upgrading our Backyard and bringing new life to the space that we call home. Now, more than ever, we have been spending time at home with our families, and we want to make the most of these days to look back on them with as much fondness as possible; and to truly appreciate the quality time we’ve been given with our little family. Currently, in our area of the world, we still won’t have the opportunity to travel; that’s why we’re making The Backyard our Destination this Summer!

Building our Toja Grid Pergola took less than two hours! Toja Grid has a reputation for being an easy-to-install pergola system; and we quickly learned why!

We had been planning this outdoor project for a few months now and knew we wanted to build our pergola on a concrete base. After lots of thought being put into the design of the base, we had a professional concrete team come to create this beautiful white concrete pad to be the foundation of our new backyard oasis. But did you know you can also build your Toja Grid pergola on a wooden deck as well? The heavy duty welded-steel base brackets are easy to screw into the surface you choose; whether it be concrete or a wooden deck, the 12-guage Canadian Steel will support your pergola with safety-of-mind.

We went with the Double Pergola Kit for 6X6 Posts (see here) because we knew we wanted to have an outdoor space that included a living room space (for outdoor movie nights on the projector) and a dining space on the other side (for those backyard BBQs), but if you take a look at you’ll see many different options including those for 4X4 posts as well!

The installation process was quick; we had a team of 4 (Ross, my Brother-in-law Chuckie, my Dad #DIYDAD, and myself) From start to finish the entire process was less than two hours. We started with the top beams and corner brackets of one side. We then lifted this up to push the side posts into the brackets; we repeated this on the other side; see our Tutorial Videos on the Toja Grid highlight tab on our IG Here. After the first side was up, we lifted each post one by one to install the base brackets. We repeated this process on the other side and before we knew it; our pergola was up! Ross then drilled the base brackets into the concrete to secure our structure.

After showing our Tutorial on Instagram Stories, we had lots of great questions from our dedicated followers; we’ll answer a few of the popular ones here:

Q: Did you need a permit for the pergola or concrete base? A: In our township, we did not require a permit for the pergola as it falls under the category of “tent” meaning it can be removed seasonally and is not a permanent structure. The concrete base needed to be one metre off of the fence-line and a few other variables, but it is always best to check with your local Building Officials before you begin any project.

Q: What type of wood did you use? A: We used 6X6 Pressure Treated Sienna Lumber from Home Hardware, the total cost of lumber was only $600.

Q: What did you use for the ceiling? A: We went with the Shade Sails (in Charcoal) from Toja Grid; See Here.

Now, for the fun part! It was time decorate and enjoy the new space! Ross hung Edison patio lights in V formation under each shade sail, these were easy to install using wire-ties on the existing sail brackets on the Toja Grid. We used our existing patio furniture but have a sectional arriving soon for those coveted outdoor movie nights. A gas firepit is being added to this space on the concrete pad outside of the pergola which will add such a great vibe to this already exotic space.

On our first night with the new Pergola, after we put the kids to bed, Ross and I had a Backyard Date Night with the projector and some vintage Survivor! We truly felt like we were on vacation ourselves and can’t believe how quickly this space has transformed into our very own mini resort. We are picturing the upcoming months ahead, family movie nights, bonfires, dinners outside, morning coffees while listening to the birds. There are so many reasons why this is a great year to invest in your own backyard; but enjoying this space together as a family throughout the upcoming season is the best reason of all! Visit our friends at Tojagrid to get started on your Backyard Destination this Summer!

Adding a water feature to this space brings such a relaxing energy and creates a calming environment for those morning coffees with the birds.

Visit our friends at for more information on the pergola of your dreams! And – – Stay tuned at on Instagram for upcoming Stories in the new space, tips on Backyard Projects and more Outdoor Inspiration this Summer 2021! We can’t wait to show you what’s coming up next for this space!


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