The Grass is Greener on Your Side

My Three-Step process to a healthy, happy Spring lawn.

Okay so I am obsessed with my front lawn. When we bought our 1980’s bungalow two years ago in May, the yard was very neglected. We’ve been working extra yard to keep our grass lush and green so that the girls have a soft lawn to play on, plus – a home with a nice front lawn looks much more welcoming. Here are my 3 steps to a greener front yard started in Spring! You can also visit for all of these supplies as they offer curb-side pickup, and their staff are always very knowledgeable on everything yard related.

  1. Start with a good Fertilizer: We love the CIL brand of fertilizers and this year we used the “CIL Lawn Food” bag to give a good base-coat of nutrients to the lawn. If you’re starting from scratch with a weedy lawn, you may want to try the CIL Recovery bag instead. Fertilizing = Healthy, happy grass! Be sure to read the bag instructions because each fertilizer will have a different process.
  2. Now its time to Top Soil: This year we went with “Scott’s Enriched Top Soil“, just over 6$ a bag, not too shabby. If you aren’t splurging on enriched top soil, you might not be getting the best nutrients to your yard. Please just go ahead and buy the enriched; you can actually save on money (and time) by opting for an enriched top soil, in lieu of spreading one million bags of “on special” top soil.
  3. Get your Seed on: Back to my favourite yard brand. CIL. This year we went with a 25 kg bag of “CIL coated grass seed“. In previous years we would buy 4 kg bags and end up making 187 trips to the store to keep buying more. This year, we went with a large 25 kg bag to save on time and money. Once you have mixed in your seed to the top soil with a garden rake, its time to water, water, water. Get out your sprinkler daily and watch the magic unfold. You should begin to see healthy, dark green grass in 3-6 days. As Margerett Atwood once said “At the end of the day in summer, you should smell like dirt.” Happy Gardening everyone!

Xo Noelle

Visit for all the items you need for your healthy, happy Spring lawn.

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