The Importance of Taking YOU Time

During lock-down it can be next to impossible to take time for yourself. For the first few weeks, I found myself trying to do it all. Entertain the kids, clean the house, and take on projects, all while showering and looking great each day – By the third week I was skipping showers and looking like Edward Scissorhands – drinking 3 cups of coffee a day just to get by.

One thing I have changed; I have lowered my expectations. I was expecting too much from myself and I was suffering to keep up. So here’s a short-list of expectations I’ve changed:

  1. The Kids’ bedtimes – I no longer force early bedtimes because we all need that extra hour in the evening to catch up on life (i.e doing my face-wash routine – LOL) Its also a great time to give the kids a bit of Dad-time to read books before bed.
  2. The way I look – I am here to tell you that, as a woman its okay to want to look nice every day! I enjoy doing my hair and make-up so I’m taking back that time to do so. If you feel more productive when you look like a Boss-Babe – then go for it! Plop the baby down in her play pen and the four-year-old with a good tv show and get out that curling wand because there’s no guilt in wanting to feel your best, and you might just have a more productive day for it 😉
  3. The homeschooling homework – The first few weeks of lock-down we were total Aces at getting Char’s homework handed in through the Team’s App on time and with lots of effort. Keeping in mind that our mental health, and her mental health are optimal in these times, we’ve shifted gears and are completing homework later in the day, and sometimes even catching up the next day. I’m here to tell you as a former ECE this is totally acceptable for you Kindergartner. They learn through play, so as long as they’re getting in lots of play throughout the day, they are still learning all the wonderful things about life!
  4. Meals – Putting less pressure on yourself as a Mama to prepare Martha Stewart quality meals during lock-down (because it is like trying to nail jello to a wall – Its not going to happen). Instead, we’ve focused on having three/four great meals per week and eating basically anything to survive on the alternate days. Ross even cooked on an alternate day and it was delicious spaghetti.

I hope this list helps to paint a picture that as moms, we are all struggling during lock-down. Please don’t get discouraged, and allow yourself to lower your expectations (it is not a bad thing – trust me!) Remember to keep your mental health at the forefront of any decisions you make throughout lock-down, take time for yourself, and there is always a box of Kraft Dinner in the cupboard if you need it 😉 – Noelle

If I cut this orange in half we can share it…. Charlotte: I’ll take both pieces LOL!

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