Surviving Quarantine: day 32 million….

How to survive Quarantine with little people. ..In 3 easy steps.

How many days have you been Quarantining? We are on day 32 or 33 roughly… So I’ve picked back up my blog, I used to write for Parent Life Network, as well as my own blog, and here we go again, connecting with fellow moms through the world wide web… Remember when people used to call it that? Okay so – Steps that are helping us cope through Quarantines-Fest:

  1. Lower your expectations:
  • Seriously; throw those pinterest, IG dreams out the m.f. window – they aren’t real y’all, and I’m telling you this as an IG Momtog, the messes are hidden in the hallways of the clean rooms we take photos in, there, does that make you feel better?! haha! #secretsexposed
  • By throwing out your expectations, you can focus on *appreciating* your household for what it truly is. If you are lucky enough to live in a country where you have a house, food, and a family, you are #damnlucky
  • Appreciate the little things: bubbles, chalk, a movie together, snuggling, dancing – dance. every. single. day. and don’t forget to get outside.

2. Utilize the internet’s resources:

  • Find activities for the kids, try them out even if they look challenging at first, trying is half the battle, and the kids will appreciate the quality time and effort here.
  • Utilize social facetime with family members and friends; (Zoom, drink with your friends on Zoom, this helps) (FB Kidz Messenger app for the little ones has provided us with many five-minutes-kids-free moments.
  • Take up a blog, its a great way to connect with fellow Quaran-moms during these strange times.
  • Whatever you do, do not google the C-word (no, not that C-word, I’m talking about the C*r*n**vir*s) You do not need that kind of negativity in your life. Leave the news up to your spouse to fill you in on the *only important* issues. For example, I have not tuned into the news for about 2-3 weeks and I’m all the happier for it. Ross will fill me in on changing news if its related to my family’s well being or extremely important to me.

3. Stay in contact with your friends and family:

This just goes without saying, but sometimes we need to be reminded. Facetime daily morning coffee with you Mother, she needs it, you need it, and if you set your phone up with her on Facetime, the sound of her voice in the kitchen or dining room will fill your house with warm love. You need that right now, and so do the little people. #grandmasforthewin

Good Luck Moms, we can do this if we stick together, support each other, take a deep breath and appreciate the little things, remember: the secret is Gratitude!


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